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This webpage will provide information on any subjects that are associated with welding and brazing. All documents are posted in Adobe Acrobat PDF format unless noted.

Title Description
Basic Model Piping SpecificationModel specification for hydronic piping and similar steam, hot and chilled water applications
How to "Correctly" Grind, Cut & Prepare Tungsten Welding ElectrodesThe document provides guidelines on proper grinding, cutting, and preparing tungsten electrode as well as selecting the best tungsten composition. It also offers safety tips for grinding tungsten electrodes.
How to Take a Weld TestThe document is the United Association Training Program on taking a weld test.
Choosing the Right Cup Size for TIG WeldingThe document outlines factors to consider when selecting proper cup size for TIG welding and how to measure a cup size.
Steel Pipe Fitting DataThis Excel file provides dimensional information for various products such as fittings, pipes, angle, channel, bolts, and many more. (.xls format)
Purge Flow CalculatorThe Excel document calculates purge flow rates and provides examples.
Purge TipsThe document gives tips on purging various materials and pipe sizes. It also covers techniques that can be used to make purge dams and blocks.
Radiograph InterpretationThe document helps readers develop an understanding of the types of defects found in weldments and how they appear in a radiograph.
Suggested Filler Metals For SMAW JointsThe document is a table of suggested filler metals for SMAW process used to weld various base materials.
Stringer Beads AmperagesThe document provides a guideline on how to run straight stringer beads and how to set amperages using E7018, E8018 and E9018 series electrodes.
Technical Information on WeldingLinks to various sites that provide technical Information on welding
Tips on Welding P91 Heavy Wall PipeThe document provides instruction on how to weld P91 materials and what to avoid in order to ensure a sound weld.
Understanding Bend TestsThe document explains the concept of a bend test for welds and what factors, beside poor weld quality, can cause test specimen to fail.
Need Information on Welding Dissimilar Metals in Heating and AC Piping Systems?

This article presents guidance on what to do when dissimilar metals are used in heating and air conditioning piping systems. NCPWB is grateful to ASHRAE for allowing us to reproduce this article.

This document is Copyright © 2009, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. ( Published in ASHRAE Journal, Vol. 51, April 2009. This posting is by permission of ASHRAE. Additional reproduction, distribution, or transmission in either print or digital form is not permitted without ASHRAE’s prior written permission.

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Tools to Reduce the Cost and Risk Associated with Welding and Brazing

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Why ANSI/ASME B31.9?
For quality and economy in building services piping construction, NCPWB recommends ANSI/ASME B31.9. Find out why in this Guide for Owners, Architects and Engineers. ASME B31.9 Brochure


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